on our way….


We set off after breakfasting and perusing Dad’s OS map. Sheila came out to see us off, and spotting the yoga mats on my bike, revealed the fact that she’d been a yoga teacher, and studied under the highly-regarded Iyengar! I would have liked to have stayed a week to hear all about it, but off we must…
We took a ferry across the Solent to the Isle-of-Wight, (this having been decided to be the best route) at which point, Dad, who’d been planning on riding with us for the day, admitted he’d not be able to keep the pace, and given Joel’s current temperament meaning he’s not keen on waiting around, we decided that yes, it might be best to say goodbye here.
A couple of hours traversing the Isle, and we were back on a ferry to Portsmouth. The ferry to Caen wasn’t ’til 11pm, so we found a local Coop; and bought some food for dinner, which we cooked in a park besides the motorway. Hopefully we’ll find some slightly better scenery for the next pique-nique!


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