email received 5th July….early days indeed..


Hello one and all, just a quick heads-up on our progress!!

We’re on day 9, and have made it as far as a little village called Acy-en-Multien, about 80k North East of Paris. It’s absolutely beautiful; we’re in a lovely little campsite by a stream surrounded by trees. Our legs are shaping up, but we’re very much grateful of the days rest today — i slept all morning in the red-hot tent, completely oblivious – then woke up with heat rash (?) all over; very itchy!

We’ve had a great time so far, finding gorgeous little spots in forests to camp (apart from Sat night/ Sunday, when we chose to avoid wooded areas, in favour of an awful butlins-esque-super-pricey campsite, as thats when the French love to hunt! and it is very scary being woken up by shotgun blasts!)

Met a wonderfully eccentric German guy today; Gunther, 75. He’s riding from Hamburg to Paris on a bike bought in Aldi. Classic! Practised my Deutsch this morning for an hour or so, and he entertained me with stories of alcoholic exes in Peking, his love of the Pope, and jokes about ducks running the (overly-priced) campsite…  Wunderbar, had me in stitches.

Anyway chaps, better be off as the laptop battery’s running low, and the one sip of beer I just took has gone straight to my head in this stifling heat!


B & J x


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