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Just had a wonderful time staying with Emre and his family for end of Ramadan celebration/feast! Thanks for the top-notch hospitality! Now contemplating ferries to Greek islands to speed up getting to Iran in time! xxx




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  1. Helllooooooooooooo Betttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    Just got your email from Sophie. So lovely to hear from you and glad that you are both well. Facinating reading the blog and the entries thus far. Sounds like your having a real adventure. Please keep updating – I seem to be getting an adrenaline rush from just reading your words! Stay safe, stay in touch and keep pushing onwards! Much love, Asma 🙂

    • asma, and all the lovely BFMP team; hi!
      just realised that there are comments on here! oops! you guys are not going to believe our luck. i would tell you but you can wait for the blog update! teehee…. suffice to say we’re in dubai… and we’ve landed on our feet once again!

      lots of love to you all! have you replaced me yet? :Pxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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