25th September


The following day was equally hard-going, with head wind and gradual incline. After plodding on for a few hours, feeling glum, a guy pulled over in his car. We don’t have the energy for this, not now, we thought… He came over and offered us a small apple each. We smiled and thanked him, and felt bad for having had the negativity in the first place. We ate the apples soon after he drove off, but, lacking energy, continued to stand there, contemplating the upcoming hill and headwind. Before we set off again, the same guy was back; this time bearing a huge plastic bag full of biscuits and drinks and sweets! Without wanting to bother us with conversation, he quickly wrote down his number and told us to get in contact if we needed anything. What a kind man. We took a pic with him, and the second he was out of sight, stuffed our faces with biccies! I love the way that our needs are provided for the second we let go and stop worrying; this happens so regularly on bike tours, i’m now a firm believer in going with the flow! Trust in the kindness of others (and of course act through loving kindness ourselves).

We struggled up the hill a short while longer, and then stopped for some respite from the wind, and had a nap. Later we flagged down a small blue truck (ridiculously common in Iran, every other person has one!), for a ride up the mountain to the town of Burujen, where we collapsed in a tourist hotel. That headwind had taken it out of us, fingers crossed for tomorrow when we’d be going over the pass at about 2600m.



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