cycleEAST: I think therefore I am… Cycling from Glastonbury to Kathmandu (with love!)

Just over a year ago Betty Cottam and Joel Black met at Glastonbury and fell in love. To celebrate their first anniversary they left Glastonbury and began their journey to the east on a mammoth bike ride to raise funds for two charities – Siddhartha Foundation in Nepal and Bloodbikes in the UK. Rainbow Zebra, a Bristol company who support good causes, are sponsoring the journey and have set up a website for them. You can follow cycleEAST by reading this blog and tracking them in Googlemaps.


Betty is a qualified ESOL teacher and avid cyclist and has traveled widely. Her first substantial trip was to Africa and since then she has longed to make this journey to India. Joel is parting company with his known life as a chef in Bristol and sees this as an opportunity to make changes in his life – he has already stopped smoking!

Together they make an intrepid couple who will make the journey with determination and enjoy every kilometre they cover, and that’s a lot of kilometers!

Soon they will be adding information on how you can donate to their chosen charities.

But for now, enjoy their posts and spread the word!


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  1. Hi Betty, it has been lovelly to hear from you since you have left Bristol in June. I hope you both a very best trip and good luck with all the weather conditions and crossing countries.

    lots of love from all the team

    Sahra Adan

  2. Hey

    I like the way you describe your experiences on blog..short words help imagining better…i bet writing more and uploading pictures can help more
    we met each other in front of Shah mosque at Isfahan.hope see you again at another part of this universe as Hitchhiker…on the road…thumb up
    keep discovering and enjoying!!!


  3. Amazing! Had not idea of all the exciting developments in your life Joel. Hope you guys have an amazing (and safe) trip. If you return to Greece (remember that’s where Thomas is from so we have lots of family there) or need any advice on Rajasthan (where we spent 2 months last September) just shout.
    Lots of love,
    Vivi and Thomas

  4. Good to know you reached Nepal safely! Lost the piece of paper with website details…..but was able to find you on Google!! Are you still hoping to return to India?? If yes, good luck with the visa. Maybe see you again for coffee and stories – though we close end of Feb, so you’ll need to come before then! Happy new Year to you both. Denise (Didi’s Cafe, Orchha)

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