CycleEAST are fundraising for two charities:

We set off on our journey hoping to raise support for  both the Siddhartha Foundation in Nepal and Bloodbikes in the UK

The Siddhartha Foundation School is an NGO body and non-profitable association in Kathmandu. The ultimate purpose of this association is to look after the orphaned poor children from Himalayan regions and facilitate them with proper education, accommodation, healthcare and food. Located in the beautiful ‘Pandit Valley’ about 10 miles from Kathmandu, the school brings a ray of hope and light to all those fortunate enough to get a place there. All the students come from extremely poor backgrounds where even basic healthcare and education is not available to them.

The school takes care of all the pupils’ needs – from food and clothing to medical care fees and the cost of their educational materials. Many of the students are orphans and for them, the school provides an environment of love, care and security. The first students were admitted into the school in 2005, as phase one of the building plan was completed.

Bloodbikes provide a service collecting and delivering breast milk and blood to and form remote places in the UK.

Rainbow Zebra are sponsoring cycleEAST:“Rainbow Zebra are pleased to be supporting Betty and Joel on their cycleEAST journey and would like to help the Siddhartha Foundation school (the final destination) with essential material that they need in order to enrol more students and to ensure that the local children have access to a proper education. The challenge that Betty and Joel have undertaken is for a great cause and Rainbow Zebra are glad to be a part of it.” Paul Randall

Rainbow Zebra are on online supplier of office furniture and seating. Rainbow Zebra also supply a range of school furniture and seating and can advise on the best chairs and tables for a particular room, from the staff room to the IT room.

We’re very grateful for their offer of £500 for the Siddhartha Foundation. BUT we are very keen to increase this sum as we had anticipated that we would have had an ongoing fundraising page in place with their support, but due to unforeseen circumstances this wasn’t to be. These things happen and it’s never too late to resolve such things.

Please visit the Siddhartha Foundation website and give generously, you really can make  a difference!

And be assured, we have paid for the trip ourselves and anything given will go directly to the school – not us personally.


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