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Apple Crumble!


As is usually the case, on telling Khenpo and Tenzin about Joel’s culinary skills; he was promptly asked to show them off: would he make dessert for all the boys in the school?… This time (having learnt from previous situations) I kept my mouth firmly shut, and looked at him for an answer… This is no mean feat, preparing dessert for 90 people! Cakes and anything else baked are straight out the window as there’s no oven. Whatever we made had to be done in a big old pot. We wanted to keep it healthy, so thought about stewed fruit, and eventually decided to make it a bit like a crumble, just by sprinkling on crumbled up biscuits, and then serving with ice-cream. We cooked the apples with plenty of cinnamon and raisins. Yum!

Joel and I are helped to sort out apples for our (version of, an) apple crumble...

It took two big boxes of apples, which we transported to the school strapped onto Dolly’s luggage rack, 9 packets of Mcvities finest (on appointment to her majesty the queen!) and a huge box of ice-cream. Apples are an absolute treat for the boys, taking into account the comparatively high price; about £1 a kilo, and they were keen to give our concoction a taste! We were helped in the mammoth job of peeling and coring 180 apples by 5 of the older lamas. This gave me the opportunity I’d been waiting for to get them practising their English. We all chatted away, once they’d overcome their shyness, about their favourite footballers and kung-fu stars, as we peeled a mount Everest of apples.

A young lama offers his apple crumble for the Buddha, Dharma (Buddhist teachings) and Sangha, (Buddhist community)

It went down an absolute treat, and everyone leapt to their feet when Tenzin announced they could get a second helping! We’d overestimated, so they all got plenty! I must say it was pretty yummy.

I get in line for seconds!

Tenzin stirs the apples