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The answer: 13 and a puppy!


We spent a lovely day at the school yesterday, chatting away to Tenzin, the headmaster. The boys brought us out a delicious lunch which we ate in the sunshine in the yard.

Please donate whatever you can afford here, we’ve made £120 so far, which will go towards giving the boys a balanced diet. Lets make it £1000! Come on everyone, every fiver/tenner helps.

It’s easy just click the paypal button on this page: http://www.siddharthafoundationuk.org/donations.html

THE SIDDHARTHA FOUNDATION UK (reg charity 1118349)

How many monks can you fit on a motorbike? The answer is 13. And a puppy!


Day one of fundraising, £120!


So guys, we made £120 for the school, in just an afternoon alone! Thank you for your generous donations. Remember, anything you give will go along way here. The first lot of donations will buy the boys some fruit and yogurt, a rare treat!

But there’s a lot more to be made. This is the week, so spread the word! We are going to be doing all sorts of fun stuff with our new friends at the Siddhartha School, so check back often. First off:

Also, I’m just creating an account with Crowdrise, to make it easier for you all to donate. More on that soon. For now, please continue to donate through the website: http://www.siddharthafoundationuk.org